"An informed citizenry is the only true repository of the public will."

-Thomas Jefferson

Thank you for visiting my site and making the effort to be well informed. I trust we will agree on many things and disagree on a few. One thing, I trust we both agree on, is that the future of public education requires the involvement of an informed citizenry.


Politicians fall into two basic groups. The first group consists of politicians who seek office and power and seemingly will say one thing to get elected and then do something else in office.  These politicians are beholding only to the well organized and powerful. Frequently, their campaigns only put forth generic, well tested, catch phrases to get elected.

The second kind of politician stands on principle. They believe these basic principles are a powerful foundation from which wise decisions can be made. Principles can be easily explained, understood by others and seen in the actions of the representative. These representatives do not serve only the well organized and powerful, but all people by way of publicly stated principles. These campaigns require an informed citizenry being greater than the powerful organizations that fill the void when citizens are not involved.


Do we, as citizens, demand the best of those who seek our vote? I know I am frustrated when I have nothing more to base a vote on then a lawn sign or some motto that could mean anything.


I want you to know the principles by which I make (and have made) decisions as a member of the Board of Education for the Alpine School District.


1. Primacy of Parents in Education Policy


2. Local Control


3. Transparency


4. Fiscal Responsibility


5. Community Involvement


These five principles are the determining principles by which I make my decisions. I believe they are the most important principles that affect the outcome of public education. If you agree, I welcome you to get involved in my campaign today. There is work to be done.


If you disagree with my principles, I would ask two things from you.


First, please give me the benefit of your perspective. You will find I value your opinions. We should all try to listen more to those with whom we disagree, not for the purpose of argument, but to listen and strive to understand another's point of view.


Second, please research the other candidates for school board and find the candidate whose defining principles best match yours.  Get involved in that campaign. Regardless of the campaign's outcome, stay actively engaged in the issues concerning education. Community involvement is more important than any one board seat.


-Wendy K. Hart

 Alpine Board of Education

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Citizens committed to ensure public education
is a reflection of the local community which creates, funds, and supports its existence. We see the best outcomes of public education coming from the partnership of parent, child, and teacher. The goal is bottom up, locally controlled education supporting the

parent-child-teacher relationship.


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